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Kidz Choice Services, Inc. (KCS), a private organization founded by a New York State (NYS) certified special education teacher, published researcher and Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral (BCBA-D)/NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA), aims to provide intensive behavioral treatments to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and/or other developmental disabilities. 

KCS specializes in the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and offers home-based ABA services as well as school- and clinic-based special education services.


KCS serves children of various ages including infants, toddlers and school-aged students as well as adolescents and young adults with ASD and/or other developmental disabilities who may be exhibiting severe delays in their cognitive functioning, speech/language and communication skills, social-emotional functioning, motor abilities and self-help skills/adaptive functioning. 

KCS utilizes instructional methods in ABA such as discrete-trial teaching, generalized imitation training, echoic/vocal mand training, discrimination training/multiple exemplar training, incidental teaching, and natural environment teaching.  In addition, we implement individualized motivational systems (e.g., visual choice board, token economy, photographic/written activity schedule) across multiple learning environments such as the home, school and community.

KCS aims to teach parents/family members through Behavioral Skills Training (BST), an empirically-supported procedure that consists of instructions, modeling, rehearsal and feedback.  The overall goal is for parents to implement ABA instructional methods and behavior modification techniques during naturalistic learning opportunities in the course of daily familial routines to help promote socially significant behavior change across important developmental domains.

KCS is credentialed/contracted with major private health insurance carriers as an autism treatment provider and is approved/contracted as an independent provider/vendor of Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) by the New York City Department of Education.

KCS provides ABA and SETSS throughout the five boroughs of NYC and Long Island (e.g., Nassau/Suffolk counties).  We also provide ABA in New Jersey.



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Meet The Team


George Meskouris, BA

Executive Director of Operations

Mr. Meskouris joined Kidz Choice in 2013 as an administrative assistant, and is now managing all daily business operations, which include: compliance, staff/human resources, payroll, health insurance, and information technology.    Mr. Meskouris is a vital part of our team of autism treatment providers and contributes greatly to our advocacy and family support services.  Mr. Meskouris received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Queens College, and has a strong and well-rounded background in management of information technology and financial services.    In his free time, Mr. Meskouris enjoys going to the gym, and playing the drums

Timar Singh, BA

Executive Office Manager

Administration & Legal Compliance

Mr. Singh serves as the Administration and Legal compliance manager as part of the Admin team. His primary roles and responsibilities include ensuring compliance and staff/human resources. He also aids in creating volunteering and work experience opportunities for our students. Mr. Singh has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Brooklyn College with a background in Construction Management and Information Technology. In his free time, Mr. Singh enjoys hiking, and motorcycle riding.  

Michael Bernard

Senior Financial Comptroller/Head Bookkeeper

Mr. Bernard is a dedicated professional and veteran in his field with a diverse and solid background in bookkeeping and accounting.  Mr. Bernard's accounting knowledge, experience, and ability to develop solutions to help achieve financial objectives has been a huge help to our team.  Mr. Bernard manages all of our bookkeeping and financial needs.  When he is not busy crunching numbers, he likes to spend time with family and friends

Paulina Borja, MS Ed., BCBA

ABA Clinical Supervisor

Paulina was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. She came to the United States in 2001 to be part of an experimental education program at The Early Childhood Center of Bennington College in Vermont.  She graduated in 2014 with a Master Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from CUNY Hunter College. Paulina started learning and training on ABA while working at New York Center for Infants and Toddlers, and Early Intervention ABA Center where she provided 1:1 therapy to young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Later, when she join the McCarton Center as ABA therapist, she had the opportunity to work with children with ASD and their families in Cyprus, Bahamas and Turkey. In 2017 she became a board-certified behavior analyst.  She relocated back to New York City in 2018 when she joined the team of Dr. Michael Lafasakis in their mission to serve children with Autism and their families providing comprehensive ABA services and support research on Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Nicolle A. Tursenovic; MS

ABA Clinical Supervisor

Ms. Tursenovic is a NYS Certified School Psychologist, with post-graduate training in Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis, and twelve years of experience practicing ABA across various settings with diverse populations. Ms. Tursenovic also has nine years experience working as a School Psychologist, providing counseling and crisis intervention to students of varying disabilities, district-wide parent training, and psycho-educational evaluations.

Most recently, Ms. Tursenovic is working as part of a dynamic team within Kidz Choice Services Inc.  As an Assistant Clinical Director, Ms. Tursenovic helps to recruit new staff, and develop staff training protocols, as well as company policies and procedures. Ms. Tursenovic looks forward to continuing to help Kidz Choice Servies Inc., grow and provide top quality ABA services to children with Autism and their families

Joanna Spartinos, MS Ed.

ABA Clinical Supervisor

Joanna Spartinos graduated from Adelphi University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a double minor in history and education. She also received her Master’s degree in Childhood Education from Adelphi University in addition to an Advanced Certificate in Special Education in 2012. In May 2018, Joanna received an Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Queens College. Joanna currently has her NYS Professional Certification, Students with Disabilities, Grades 1-6 as well as a NYS Professional Certification, Childhood Education, Grades 1-6. She taught as the General Education teacher for five years in a community school in the Bronx. During this time, she taught fourth grade for one year and first grade for three years, three of those years in first grade were in an ICT classroom. The classroom experience allowed for her to develop her teaching skills as well as effectively design and differentiate curriculum in all subject areas for all learners. For the past six years Joanna has also been providing ABA services to students diagnosed with ASD or other disabilities under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). This experience has led for her to develop skills in discrete trial training, incidental teaching, and implementing activity schedules. Joanna is currently on track to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA).

Khadija Prowell, MS Ed.

ABA Assistant Supervisor / Lead ABA Teacher

Khadija Prowell is a Master’s level certified Teacher of early childhood general and special education. Additionally, she has completed all required coursework of the post-master’s BCBA program and is looking forward to earning her title as a BCBA. She obtained all of her degrees at CUNY Hunter College. Currently, Khadija is an assistant supervisor and lead ABA Teacher with Kidzchoice. She has worked with Kidzchoice for 4 years and has worked with young children with disabilities and special needs for 9 years. Khadija mentors and coaches early childhood classroom teachers in addition to assisting in training some of our Kidz Choice providers. 

Khadija is passionate about her progress in her career. She strongly believes in continuously learning through her professional experiences and is looking forward to expand her knowledge in the field. Aside from supporting her clients she enjoys spending her time with her own family, which includes her husband and daughters. 

Clarissa Wilikinson, MS

ABA Assistant Supervisor 

Clarissa Wilkinson has received her Bachelors in Arts and Science at Alvernia University and obtained her Masters of Science in Psychology with a concentration in ABA shortly after, with Kaplan University.   She has 10 years’ experience working with children with developmental disabilities, and 5 of those years specifically in ABA. Clarissa has experience working with many different disabilities including Down Syndrome, Autism, Social Emotional as well as Oppositional Defiant to name a few. She is continuing to pursue her license as a Behavioral Analyst for the state of New York and enjoys working in the field of ABA with children. 

Susan Hunter, BA, RBT

ABA Assistant Supervisor 

Susan Hunter was born in Jamaica West Indies; she migrated to New York. She joined Kidz Choice Services team in 2016 and became a Registered Behavioral Therapist. Susan is a dedicated professional that has acquired the position as an Assistant Supervisor providing  MATT Application/ activity schedule training. Susan has provided (ABA) 1:1 therapy to children from preschool age to adult diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder from a diverse background. She has worked with clientele in home and school setting.

Susan has assisted Dr. Michael in providing services to families and has been a part of their research team. She has regularly volunteered, assists with orientations, workshops, and training. Susan hopes to continue gaining learning opportunities and help Kidz Choice Services Inc., grow and deliver exceptional ABA Services to children with Autism and their families.  Susan enjoys spending time with her family, attending church, traveling, and jewelry making.

Magdalena Kolec, M.A., RBT

ABA  Assistant Supervisor

Magdalena Kolec is a Registered Behavior Technician. She received her Bachelor's degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Master's degree in Psychology from The City College of New York. Magdalena holds a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Advanced Series from Florida Institute of Technology and is pursuing her Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) credential. She has been in the field of ABA since 2015 and has worked with children diagnosed with ASD and other disabilities in the school setting as well as, provided 1:1 therapy in the home setting to children ages 3-17. Currently, Magdalena is an ABA Assistant Clinical Supervisor at Kidz Choice Services Inc. where she continues to implement individualized ABA therapy focusing on increasing language and communication skills, decreasing problem behavior, improving attention, social skills, memory, academics, play and leisure, self-care skills as well as, independent work habits and community integration. Magdalena has found a passion in using ABA principals to help students work towards their goals and to achieve their full potential. She is committed to significantly improving each student's overall quality of life. 

Stamatios Gianoumis, M.Phil., M.A., BCBA

Assistant Clinical Director

Stamatios, aka Tommy, has dedicated his professional career to the treatment of individuals with ASD and the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.  He attained a Masters in the Clinical Application of Behavior Analysis through Queens College/CUNY and attended the Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis PhD program through The Graduate Center/CUNY.  Stamatios furthered his education at Hunter College/CUNY studying Special Education.  Driven by the ever-growing ASD epidemic and the limitation of having only two hands, he focused his research and clinical practice in the training and supervision of interventionists for individuals with ASD, so they may deliver the highest quality of services possible, using peer-reviewed research-validated treatments.  Stamatios also enjoys applying this training/supervision model to the families of the children he works with, giving them the tools they need to be active proponents of positive change in their child’s life.

Nicole Wright, MA, BCBA

ABA Clinical Supervisor

Nicole Wright is a Board Certified

Behavior Analyst who has been treating children with Autism for over 5 years.   She earned her Master’s in ABA at Queens College CUNY, and her thesis research on Stimulus Equivalence has been approved for publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Her experience in ABA includes a wide array of populations, ranging from preschool age children with ASD to senior citizens with co-morbid psychological disorders.  Nicole values learning opportunities, and regularly attends conferences and workshops on proven research strategies for treatment in order to increase her competency and better serve clients.

President & Chief Executive/Clinical Director of ABA Services

Michael Lafasakis, Ph.D., MD Ed., LBA/ BCBA-D

Dr. Lafasakis has been treating children with autism and/or other developmental disabilities for 16 years as a head teacher and therapist for several early intervention, preschool and school-age special educations programs in New York City (NYC).He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®), New York State (NYS) Certified Teacher in Early Childhood General & Special Education, Birth to Grade 2, and NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst.